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Sergio Hadue’s new problem: his mother turned over over $1 million complaint from ex-wife


Sergio Hadue’s mother extradited after $1 million complaint from former ANFP president’s wife

Sergio Hadue’s new problem. The mother of the former ANFP president is extradited after a $1 million complaint from Carellano’s ex-wife.

The Valparaiso Court of Appeals handled the request for extradition from the United States of 70-year-old Gloria Elisabeth Hadue with a divided decision and a non-appealable resolution.

Maria Inés Facuse has filed a lawsuit against the former leader’s mother after selling an apartment owned by Inversiones San Nicolas.

More specifically, Hadue’s ex-wife accuses her mother-in-law of holding more than 100 million pesos from the sale of an apartment in Congkong, which she owned through a partnership.

Defense attorneys for Gloria Jadue, who lives in North America with her son, who is a protected witness in the so-called FIFA Gate case, said La Tercera had no crime in the sale and “there is no record in the investigation file.” agreement or evidence of evidence of asking the defendant to reach some agreement for the distribution of “

“It is legally impossible to withdraw any kind of public utility. Furthermore, it is imperative to emphasize that Mrs. Gloria Hadue is the sole custodian of the social property. Attorney Marcelo Hadwa referred to the aforementioned publication.

“We are talking about a woman who is nearly 70 years old with health problems. She has two grandchildren who are children of the complainant and if she is extradited to Chile She will be acquitted. So the extradition is really nonsense,” he added.

Note that Sergio Jadue had a stake in the company, but decided to leave the company before his trip to the United States and split the stake equally between his then-mother and wife.

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