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In Spain, after win over Manchester United, they charged Claudio Bravo: ‘He communicated his concerns’



Some media in Spain attacked international goalkeeper Claudio Bravo after the Europa League won 4-1 in the Round of 16 Keys.

one of the best matches Europa League Round of 16 , Manchester United received on Real Betis Manuel Pellegrini on the bench, Claudio Bravo was a holder under three tubes, but the British mercilessly gave him a blunt weapon 4 to 1 Route the key.

Although, “Dream Theater” Not the best for the Chilean goalkeeper, he did everything he could to prevent red devil Widen the overall score difference.

But Spain disagreed, european country media attacked the national goalkeeper “express anxiety” in a goal during a match.

For example, he Seville newspaper On that page it wrote:Betis beaten by Old Trafford (4-1) Manchester United In a game where he showed only packaging and teamwork in the first half. He completely ate Pellegrini’s team. ”

“He expressed concern”

“The goal, Bravo , I always felt uneasy defending Conceded at Grossmith lost many times, like 2 vs 1 Luis Enrique. With Bruno Fernandes at the helm, the Betic midfielder is gone, Anthony I found a highway on the strip of Abner ‘, they handed down the sentence.

yes, uncheck On his page he emphasizes:in some cases did not send security but in the final stretch, he starred in Stop and thwarted it More goals will come.”

others, sports stadium “Conceding four goals and being one of the most outstanding players may seem like a contradiction, Rashford, Bruno Fernandes, Wegort. they shot him Anthony ,keep four or five more goals, especially to the authors of the first two goals, and Peristri and Fred.

definitely important for goalie With the third goal of the game, he could have done better, but he didn’t make much of an impact on other annotations. Manchester United became Old Trafford.

Now they turn the page and Villarreal After La Liga de España, Thursday, March 16th they receive at Benito Villamarin In the picture of Ten Hag trying to turn history around in the city of Andalusia .

Source: Biobiochile

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