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Huachipat beats Curico to lead the National Championship behind Catolica



The Steel Cast resumed their winning ways in the First Division, finishing second in the 2023 National Championship after defeating Curico Unido.

Steel broke the cake. Huachipato traveled to the Maule region to explain Curico Unido 3-1 in a match played on Day 8 of the 2023 National Championship.

In the lights of La Granja stadium, Accurate set of plants on tortello cast The losing streak continues.

The Steelers clearly dominated the game without enjoying any depth to open the score.all this until it appears blayan parmesano . he Venezuelans and mourning greats opened the account after generating a hasty error by Culicano goalkeeper Fabian Cerda.

The match process was then shared between both teams.Curico has grown up and Mario, the Uruguayan, expressed his intention to equalize after Sandoval’s free kick. Gonzalo Montes won 2-0 Calmed the waters of the people led by Gustavo Alvarez.

Despite discounts on big goals from Yako Leyva (79 min), the team led by Damien Munoz Matthew Acosta 90 minutes of game.

therefore, Huachipato steps into La Granja and informs the Catholic University that he wants to reach the top of the tournament .

Meanwhile, Curico Unido have played seven games without a win in this First Division tournament, leaving seven units from the relegation zone to Second Division First B.

Source: Biobiochile

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