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Fear, Pressure and History: Voices Explaining the Drought U Want to Break with Monumental



Albos y azuls collide again this Sunday in a new version of Superclásico, and Mauricio Pellegrino’s team is thrilled to pay off that painful debt at Monumental. We summarize the main voices that describe the negative streak of “Romántico Viajero” on Pedrero Pitch.

September 9, 2001 Correspondingly, dates marked with fire by fans of CoroCoro and the University of Chile To the final blue victory at the Monumental Stadium And that’s the beginning of Arvo’s long, continuous streak.

3-2 win at Makuru 3 times in a row Following what was achieved in 1999 and 2000, of the college cast in Pedrero’s “Cacique” under the direction of then-coach César Vaccia.

Of course, it was La U’s final victory at Makuru, Not even Jorge Sampaoli’s successful team In 2011 and 2012, I was able to beat Arvo at home.

rear 21 and a half long years The motives and reasons why the University of Chile was unable to add three men to the “archival” redoubt are still under analysis.The theme is putting more effort into it than this time Good Blue Presence at National Championships Scenarios that make fans enthusiastic to break the “curse”.

This Sunday, the country’s most popular clubs clash again in a new version of Chilean football’s Superclasico. Then Mauricio Pellegrino’s players flew into the Monumental Stadium, settle that painful debt .

we collect main voice This explains the negative streak of ‘Romántico Viajero’ on the ‘David Arellano’ pitch.

Felipe Flores: ‘A U player told me…’

Former striker of Arbos, Felipe Flores , starred in iconic moments faced by college students.In particular, in November 2013 hero He scored 3-2 in the 89th minute to give Kasik a hard-fought victory.

In 2020, FF17 said in an interview with AS Chile, what about the blue player? when they visited Macul’s redoubt.

The current Magallanes striker revealed a conversation with the former Blue, without naming the player, saying: He says they feel pressured to be in the tunnel to get out on the pitch , even he could not explain it. It was very different.”

“I am a big stadium, Argentina, Copa Sudamericana and I didn’t feel what I felt at Monumental Stadium I think the story being told that week is still a little complicated in my head,” he added.

Sergio Vargas: “It’s the only time of the year when we’re visitors”

The memorable “Superman” who was the blue goalkeeper from 1992 to 2002 was also mentioned. Why is La Wu so difficult to celebrate with monumentals? Remember, Johnny Herrera was the final winning goal.

“The U haven’t won there for a long time. Plus the first time the U won, I was still in the team because we hadn’t won before. It was 93 minutes, so luckily all the wins I had to participate in

Seeing Coro Coro Stadium is where I think the only time of the year U really become a visitorMore , but also affects them. They feel safer and happier in this type of match where they grew up in stadiums, but it all comes down to whether or not they can impose their character there,” he added.

Frank Dario Kudelka and Memorable ‘Institutional Fear’

Kudelka, who was a coach at the University of Chile from May 2018 to March 2019, also said: long blue data without victory in monumental pointing to ‘Institutional fear’ .

It’s institutional fear that we all get involved in when we’re part of the system And when we are part of that event,” the Argentinian-born strategist said at the time.

“I came to U and heard, ‘It’s been years since you defeated CoroCoro. Instead of saying “I’m going to beat him this year” It is transmitted and reaches the players. They come in with years of terror,” added Lanus’ TODAY DT.

This is one of his most memorable phrases on the CDA.these statements they unleashed their anger of leadership

Jorge Valdivia, star of several Superclassicos: ‘The U’s bad streak doesn’t get past stage fright’.

The retired footballer has been the star of several Superclassics and with his talents helped ColoColo extend the ‘Romantico Biajero’ winning streak at Makuru.

In his role as a commentator on ESPN, the “wizard” explained why it was very costly The University of Chile defeated its classic rival as an outsider and revealed:It has nothing to do with experience or stage fright. ”.

“I think it goes from more style or from soccer There are some matches that show a certain amount of dominance, but in the end Coro Coro wins the same way,” he added.

Even the former attacking midfielder and World Cup player in 2010 and 2014 questioned Macul’s long-term blue woes. By hierarchy? By luck? Because he plays well? ”.

Cristian Castañeda, Monumental’s most winning blue: ‘We have to reverse at some point’

The historic right-back is U, along with Luis Musli and Sergio Vargas, who have beaten Colo-Colo the most in stadiums (4 out of 5 wins).

Asked why the United have failed to win at Pedrero, Castañeda told Deportes 13: This Colo Colo is very well maintained Because when they started with no wins in three, four, or five years, they started with no wins. They established the logic that even U natives fell for that game And I think it played against him because there are games he deserved and didn’t win.

have to turn around sometime , There is no evil that lasts a hundred years. You should face it with normal conviction. This is a football game and you have to wait with a lot of players who don’t live the classics. rise to the occasion It’s a very beautiful sport and it can make you a legend,” he added with some confidence.

A new chapter for Pedrero excited to find U high and finally hit the bump

This Sunday, Monumental and Blue Illusion kick off a new chapter of the ‘Derby’ they are full in view of good start Pellegrino’s side in the championship left with relegation and a flirting campaign.

Moreover, U arrives at a better position in the table than its “archival”.the college cast sub leader 13 units, “Cacique” is the sixth 10 points and the game is pending.

‘I think U have Tired of the chance to do something good in this game , because it shows that it is a very mature team.An adult team with players who want to play rematch said Johnny Herrera, who was the starter in the final blue win at the white redoubt.

For former goalkeeper and current TNT Sports commentator Pellegrino’s team.”a trading team , in hand luggage, very helpful in this case.so i think u get a little better How many korokoro?

Also note that it’s been 9 years and 10 months since U hasn’t been able to beat Coro Coro in Super Classic. The last time “Cacique” succumbed to the Blues was on May 5, 2013, when Aranguiz’s poignant goal from Charles gave his student team a 3-2 victory. National Stadium .

Source: Biobiochile

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