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Pele’s daughter is assumed to have reserved inheritance until the relationship is confirmed



Pele will include Maria do Socorro in her will, and tests will be conducted to confirm her relationship with her other children.

A woman who claims to be the daughter of deceased former Brazilian footballer Edson Arantes do Nacimento “Pele” will withhold part of her inheritance until the relationship is confirmed, the family’s attorney reported Saturday. .

“In view of her possible heirship, the portion allotted to her will necessarily be reserved,” said Augusto, a lawyer representing three of the legendary footballer’s six children. Migliori said in an interview with G1 Portal, of the Globo network…

Pele himself, who died of cancer on December 29 at the age of 82, admitted in his suicide note that he may have been the father of Maria do Socorro Azevedo, although the details are unknown.

Last year, the woman began the paternity certification process before the São Paulo state public defender and the District Court of Justice notified Pele, but her failing health prevented her from performing genetic testing.

However, Pele included Maria do Socorro in her will, and tests to confirm her relationship will be conducted with Pele’s other children.

If the paternity test results are negative, the reserve will be distributed to the other heirs, the lawyer explained.

Edson Cholbi Nascimento “Edinho”, Kelly, Jennifer Nascimento’s attorney said, “It’s what the law expects, and if it’s confirmed, in fact, she’ll be the heir.

Edinho, a football coach and Santos goalkeeper, was appointed by his family as executor of a property distribution process in which Pele left 30% to widowed businessman Marcia Aoki and the rest to his children. rice field. two grandchildren.

The distribution of Pele’s fortune is kept secret from Justice, but according to American business magazine Forbes, the fortune left behind could reach $15 million, although local media reports the figure could be higher. It says that there is

Pele also married Rosimeri Chorbi and had three children (Edinho, Jennifer and Kelly) and Assyria Nascimento, mother of twins (Joshua and Celeste).

Flavia Nascimento is another daughter born out of wedlock and the list of heirs is Otavio and Gabriel Ferinto, their grandson, Sandra, who was recognized as Pele’s daughter by justice and died of cancer in 2006. He is Regina’s son.

Pele also allocated a portion of his estate to his younger sister Maria Lucia, who is caring for her 100-year-old mother, Celeste Arantes, in the city of Santos.

Source: Biobiochile

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