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Squeeze with great players from the continent: They reveal La U will play a friendly in Argentina during the FIFA dates.



From the other side of the mountain range, we guarantee that on March 25th in the city of Salta, Rau de Pellegrino will play a friendly against River Plate.

University of Chile move across the mountains Play in a friendly match during FIFA in March power of football on this continent.

According to Argentinian media TyCSportsThe cast, directed by Mauricio Pellegrino, river plate Saturday March 25th.

Arrests at the end of this month for the “2023 National Convention,” a competition in which “Romantic Traveler” participates, hold a meeting to ensure that the university cast does not break their rhythm is the main character (sub leader).

playing blues March 19, Deportes Copiapo For the last match before FIFA, they visit the “Billionaire” at the Padre Martearena Stadium in the city of Salta.

After facing a team led by Martin Demichelis, La Wu will have plenty of time to prepare for a return to domestic tournaments. April 16 vs. Odax Italiano at the Florida Bicentennial.

“At the end of March, Martin Demichelis’ team will have to move to the north of the country and its rivals Become the University of Chile On Saturday the 25th, two days after the Argentinian team met fans again and showcased the World Cup against Panama at the Monumental, the Millionaires will play at Salta’s Padre Martearena stadium. Prepare clash and no points ”, pointed to the Trans-Andean publication.

River Plate has been filming with a new coaching staff following the departure of Marcelo Gallardo, and at a local tournament, the sixth square In 12 units after the first 6 dates of classification.the leader is San Lorenzo at 16 points.

Source: Biobiochile

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