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Rolling reaction to La Ubus’ stone throwing and penknife thrown in the field “Need to take measures”



The ColoColo leaders reacted to being stoned by the University of Chile bus arriving at the Monumental Stadium and having penknives thrown across the field during the Superclasico 193 controversy.

The Blanco y Negro leadership reacted by throwing rocks at the University of Chile bus as it arrived at the Monumental Stadium on Sunday and throwing a penknife into the field during the Superclasico 193 controversy. 0-0 draw.

The bus that carried the Blue delegation to Makuru was severely damaged, including a stone hitting the window of the vehicle which endangered the U player.

That was not all. In the 75th minute, visiting defender José Castro was being treated by medical personnel for a torn ligament when a penknife thrown by Colo-Colo fan landed on the grass and very close to the spot.

In fact, Leandro Fernández himself picked up the object and immediately notified referee Cristian Garay.

In the face of this, Alfredo Stöhwing, president of Blanco y Negro, said, “We need to carry out a proper investigation into everything that happened and take measures to prevent it from happening again.”

The concessionaire’s chief executive added that it was “extremely disappointing and utterly condemnable.”

The helmsman of ‘Kashik’ even revealed that he apologized to the Azul Azul Board of Directors for the incident at the entrance of the Lau delegation to the Monumental.

As for throwing sharp weapons into the field, Stöhwing only said, “I have to look at penknives to form an opinion.”

Meanwhile, ByN’s sports manager Daniel Moron also addressed the attack on the college team’s bus. “I hope all this sort of thing gets figured out,” he said first.

“I hope there are people who know who they are. If the person who did it should be punished, they should be punished,” he added.

Source: Biobiochile

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