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Pellegrino reveals the blue team’s reaction to the Superclasico draw: ‘Nobody was happy, they wanted to win’



La Wu saved a 0-0 draw at Monumental. Pellegrino said of the team’s attitude:

University of Chile coach Mauricio Pellegrino has made it clear that the blue team is not happy because of the rescued match against Coro Coro at the Monumental Stadium this Sunday.

When it came time to confront Mike after a 0-0 loss to Pedrero, the college team’s strategist said from the start: They want to win and they are competitive.”

Of course, DT, who is from Argentina, emphasized that he agreed with “a team that will face the Libertadores, the last champions for whom I will save the level of competitiveness, despite the adversity of playing in this field.” bottom.

Unlike the locals, who had at least three clear-cut chances to beat zero in Mccur, La U presented no chances to deeply haunt Blayan-Cortez.

Given this, the former coach of Beres Sarsfield said, “We lacked freshness and that game was going for three points… but with their hometown and change, ColoColo I applied pressure. Hierarchy.”

Continuing the terrifying action of The Romantic Traveler at Monumental, Pellegrino pointed out: There have been some approaches, but it takes something more to win these games. “

“They overtook us at times and beat us on changes. They had a lot of mobility. He was dominant, but not in a clear situation. Because of the match, it’s well reflected in the draw,” he declared.

Source: Biobiochile

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