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There’s only one step from love to hate: a British player quarrels with a rival, steals a kiss and is nearly hanged.



Defender Luke Onyen was taken aback by one of the most insane situations on matchday 36 of the championship.

Every week, English football leaves a stunning image, and this weekend was no exception. And that, in Marcelino Nunez’s victory over Norwich for Sunderland, Wing’s Luke Onyen was the star of an awkward moment with Jacob Sorensen .

Seconds after the final whistle, a ‘Black Cats’ player pounced on Dane as the divide ball ended in a goal kick. Dane could not stand provocation and criticized his behavior to his face. what did Onyen do? He tried to kiss him on the mouth in front of the unflinching gaze of fans in the front row, arousing the wrath of his rivals, and then tried to hang himself. .

It was an unusual situation, angrily claimed by the Norwich footballers, but the referee decided to ignore it, omitting cards and warnings for both players.

After the win, Sunderland were ranked 10th in the Championship with 52 points, just 5 points away from the play-off zone. Meanwhile, Marcelino’s team is his seventh, one position behind him at Millwall.

Source: Biobiochile

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