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New video shows La U fans what it was like to attack with CoroCoro Barista Flares



A new video circulating on social networks shows how Colo Colo baristas organized to throw flamethrowers at La U fans at the Superclassico.

Superclassico in between Korokoro and University of Chile It continues to have an impact and, unfortunately, has little to do with sports.

And with the opaque encounter between the whites and the blues, the eyes turned to what happened in the stands. Violence marked the return of visiting fans to a match between his two most popular clubs in our country.

among the most serious There are attacks with flares and fireworks from the “Cacique” ballista. To the La You fans who attended Monumental Stadium.

In a new video captured from the sector where the prohibited object was thrown, Watch as groups in face coverings light firecrackers and aim them at the Magallanes Gallery. .

At the same time, others light up flares to create a smoke screen to celebrate those who have plotted against rival factions.

These acts of violence in the Superclassico Constanza Martinez the presidential representative of the metropolitan area, who predicted that he would act according to the strictness of the law to find the responsible person.

“Blunt weapon throwing, flair throwing at rival teams and sharp elements on the field were also seen,” officials added.

This is an attack with a “flare” in Superclassico.

Source: Biobiochile

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