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‘Penknives, stones and flares’: Garay misses nothing in compelling report on Superclassico



Judge Christian Garay was outspoken in his first report on Superclasico, getting ColoColo, La U and Monumental into trouble.

he didn’t give up anything.judge Christian Garai headed the Superclasico between Corocoro and the University of Chile documented all acts of violence experienced at the Monumental Stadium.

among them Arbitration reportWhistler scored the fall of a blunt object onto the field and the use of fireworks inside the stand of the McClell compound.

“In the 74th minute they came out of the Cordillera sector onto the pitch and An open ‘penknife’ as University of Chile player Jose Castro undergoes treatment . Deliver the projectile to the representative of the ANFP,” the referee noted.

Garay also said, “At 88 minutes, from the Caupolicán sector, Sparklers are lit and fireworks are launched It was directed to the Magallanes Tribune where the visitors were.

A fan of La Yu also appears in the report as the cause of the incident. “90+5 minutes, from the Magallanes sector, Where the delegation was, they throw stones at the pitch Deliver projectiles to ANFP representatives,” wrote the Superclásico jury.

As such, with all the information in possession of the governing bodies of national football, it remains to be seen what the sanctions will be against ColoColo, University of Chile and Monumental.

Source: Biobiochile

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