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Gabi’s registration at Barcelona has been cancelled. He will again become an auxiliary player and could be released in June.



La Liga claimed that the Blaugrana cast submitted all the paperwork after the deadline, which was accepted by the Spanish judicial system.

Barcelona’s First Commercial Court has decided to revoke the exception allowing Gavi to be registered in the first team of the Blaugrana cast. And after months of taking advantage of this precautionary measure, the footballer has to be considered part of the subsidiary again, putting his continuity with the club in jeopardy.

In January, La Liga voted against the entry of the Spanish team into the ‘Barça’ main squad. a successful written claim accepted by the Spanish judge, Considering that the procedure for the Catalan list was presented after the deadline, .

Despite this setback for the Xavi-led side, the 18-year-old midfielder can continue to be ranked in the first team, occupying number six. His token counts as a reserve player’s token So if Barcelona fail to increase cap space at the end of the season, Gavi becomes a free player .

On the other hand, the body chaired by Joao Laporta has ensured that, unlike what La Liga has shown, no requests for very precautionary measures for the registration of Spanish stars have arrived after the deadline. increase, Therefore, they will continue to respect that opinion until the decision is not final. because there is an appeal.

The next few days will be key to defining the future of one of the jewels of international football.

Source: Biobiochile

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