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Billionaire Robbed Mohamed Salah’s House in Egypt: Money, Clothes, Loot and Even Trophies



Egyptian police are gathering information about a large-scale robbery at the house of the Egyptian star.

Egyptian authorities are investigating a robbery at a crack house in Liverpool this Monday. Mohamed Salah In Cairo, police sources reportedly misappropriated numerous valuables, including one of his prizes, from an Egyptian star.

“The New Cairo Public Prosecutor’s Office is investigating a raid on Salah’s villa in the new city of Madinati and has ordered witnesses and residents of the player to hear testimony about the incident, further intensifying the investigation and making arrests. I’m asking you. Criminal. Thief.” The agency said in a statement.

In the letter, they confirm that the items stolen from the house amounted to “a large amount of money,” but the amount was not specified. “One of sportswear and shoes, electronics, personal documents, player trophies” in addition to the television receiver.

It was Salah’s cousin who found the windows of the player’s house open, and it was his uncle who formally lodged a complaint.

The Pharaoh team captain will travel to Egypt in a few days to lead the match against Malawi in the Africa Cup of Nations qualifier.

Source: Biobiochile

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