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Clarke stones Milad for her passivity in the face of an attack on Cecilia Perez: ‘You are not communicating with her’



U President Michael Clarke summoned ANFP helmsman Pablo Milado for attacking Cecilia Perez.

Azul Azul President Michael Clark To the upper echelons of national football his sentence to act of violence It happened at Monumental Stadium between ColoColo and Superclassico 193.

According to the letter, The thirdLa U’s Concessionaire Headoncho Appears to ANFP’s Helmsman, Pablo Milado. most absolute rejection Because of the incident that happened with Pedrero.

“The incident seen and condemned On the same campus, he has repeatedly appeared in various media,” said the top leader of the university’s cast.

Clark described both the stoning of the delegation’s blue bus, the open penknife being thrown onto the playing field, and Flair’s attack on La U’s fans from the Corocoro bar:very serious event ”.

The president of Azul Azul also stopped by Vice President of Student Concessionaire Cecilia Perez Takes First Attack .

“Even ANFP’s vice president, Cecilia Perez, was smashed in the face on her way to the box area. serious shortcomings with a security device,” he said.

That was not all. Regent of the “Romantic Traveler” openly criticized Milad’s passivity before the attack on the former Minister of State.I would especially like to express my displeasure a little respect on your part With Cecilia Perez – at the time of writing this letter – you didn’t tell him to know his health “, Said.

i would have expected a quicker response from you the same Sunday, before traveling to Rwanda due to federal mandates,” he added.

Additionally, Clark said: However, in the same sequence, paramedic Juan Carlos Quiñones was hit by an object. Left with dizziness and nausea Both his case and Cecilia Perez’s case have been verified with a medical certificate.

“At the stadium we had Felipe de Pablo, the operations manager, and Yamal Rajab, the manager of the professional league. was a direct witness of all incidents,” he added.

Finally, Michael Clark told the ANFP, “Take on the role of overseer and thoroughly investigate what happened As the head of the football industry, we believe it is very important to get involved and respond. “

Source: Biobiochile

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