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De Tezanos Reveals Catholic University Campus Collapse With Ariel Holan: ‘Everything Is Broken’



Journalist Manuel de Tezanos revealed that his internship at UC wasn’t going well. He said Ariel Horan questioned Mauricio Isla’s lack of commitment and said the team stood up to DT because of their particular attitude and tactical tendencies.

Universidad Católica ended a week of uncertainty last Sunday. First, they failed in an attempt to access the group phase of the Copa Sudamericana, then only tied with Union Espanola for the national championship.

The crossed teams lost 3-2 to Audax Italiano after winning 2-1, ending their international participation early and losing a chance to escape the lead in the domestic tournament by a pale 2-. 2 vs Hispanic.

And to this gray crossing moment was added an important revelation announced live on his YouTube channel by journalist Manuel de Tezanos.

Experts said coach Ariel Horan questioned experienced winger Mauricio Isla about his lack of commitment and the team confronted the Argentinian-born coach over certain attitudes and tactical qualities.

A commentator for TNT Sports, he said, “They said the conversation with Waso Isla was due to his lack of dedication, and the conversation between the team and Horan was due to him being at the edge of the field. He told me it was because he was constantly giving Mario salistic demonstrations.

He further spoke about his relationship with the crossed team and the former coach of Independiente and Leon de Mexico. “It’s half broken, it’s all broken,” he said.

UC will travel to Magallanes, Florida on Sunday, March 19 to try to maintain its domestic tournament standings for the ninth time.

Source: Biobiochile

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