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Decisive takeoff in tournament: Audax and O’Higgins face off in Florida duel



Audax Italiano and O’Higgins will face off in Florida this Monday, looking for a decisive take-off victory in the championship.

for the final takeoff Audax Italiano and O’Higgins will star this Monday Santiago’s charming crossroads Day 8 of the 2023 National Championship.

The Italians seek to arrive just at the Florida Bicentennial tonight (8:30pm). his second win change of season relegation zone at the table.

After seven games, the colony team 15th and penultimate place of classification with only five points Out of 21 possibilities, we have a record of 1 win, 2 draws and 4 losses.

And “Thanos” arrives through the clouds to duel with the spirits, Group Phase of the Copa Sudamericana 2023 after a win in Rancagua and a 3-2 comeback against Universidad Católica.

Meanwhile, the Lancagina store awaits hug and reunite By registering two losses and two draws in their last four presentations. On the final day, Celestes drew 2–2 at home to Krikounid.

In the classification, meanwhile, comes the team led by Pablo de Munell 10th in 8 units.

Florida win allows O’Higgins to jump up to 5th place with 11 positives, were placed in drinking area International.

possible placement

Italian Audax: Joaquín Muñoz; Nicolas Fernández, Carlos Labrin, Osvaldo Bosso, Esteban Matus. Fernando Juarez, Marcelo Diaz, Matias Sepulveda. Gonzalo Rios, Gonzalo Sosa and Michael Fuentes.

O’Higgins: Ignacio Gonzalez; Fabian Hormazabal, Diego Gonzalez, Nicolas Thaler, Brian Torrealba. Valentin Laraldo. Camilo Moya, Pablo Hernandez, Matthias Marin. Matias Donoso and Arnaldo Castillo.

Source: Biobiochile

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