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‘You’re egging me’: Herrera brushes off Toby Vega sarcastically with a penknife thrown at Monumental



A brief but grim discussion about past Superclasico affairs between ColoColo and the U was between TNT Sports’ Todos Somos Technicos panelists Johnny Herrera and Marcelo Vega.

analysis of agreement between Korokoro and University of Chile programmatically we are all engineers He had moments that weren’t exactly friendly.One of them was what happened during Johnny Herrera and Marcelo Vega .

The program’s panelists staged a tense situation, with a former U.S. player criticizing his partner. All this happened because Vega gave his opinion on Leandro Fernandez’s reaction in between sarcastic laughter. Penknife thrown at Jose Castro on the field at Monumental Stadium .

“I liked Fernandez because the other day he threw in a coin and the penknife showed it.” “Toby” recounted what happened in Superclassico in relation to a past duel between Bruce and La Carrera in which a fan of the U tossed a coin at Omar Karabari.

That ignited Herrera’s reaction. “But you can’t compare the clothes.” said the former goalkeeper.

Vega immediately answered yes. “Even the coins in your head will break you” .

“Are you kidding me? Throwing a coin doesn’t compare to throwing an open knife.” again thrashed the assertive Johnny Herrera.

Finally, Marcelo Vega concluded the short and heated discussion by pointing out his remarks: “There was no comparison” .

Source: Biobiochile

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