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Amateur mistake: Coquimbo Unido lose 3 points from big win over Cobresal



The pirate cast risks sanctions by bringing Fabian Carmona into the match against Cobresal, a player who was not registered in the official squad that the club itself offered to ANFP for that duel.

Some words can be very expensive.well know United Coquimbo a cast that can be seriously damaged by an error, but by itself.

It turned out that there was a notable change in the match that the “pirates” played against Cobresal. in particular, Javier Paraguez in Fabian Carmona .

This last player was designated by the match’s referee, Nicolas Milas. It was not included in the lineup form offered by Coquimbo Unido. which Signed by Esteban González, assistant to the aurinegra bench Ordered the local team to replace Fernando Diaz.

The normal channel for this type of situation, as indicated in Article 30 of the Bases of the 2023 Division 1 National Championships, is:If for any reason a player who is not in the match line-up plays in a match, the club that sent that player will lose the points earned. ”

Then, as the regulation says, he should be given 3 points and the win In this case, the corresponding team Cobresal .

At this time, ratification is expected Sanctions Coquimbo Unido may face As you can see in the image below, Carmona was shown in the club’s graphics on social networks but not on the official one.

Official Team Coquimbo Unido vs Cobresal
Referee Report Nicolas Milas

Source: Biobiochile

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