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They reveal an image of La You’s barista in the sector reserved for Azul Azul in Superclassico.



Teletrece showed the presence of Below’s fans and former baristas in a sector dedicated to Superclásico’s U leadership.

A recent image has been published by alarm Barista from the University of Chile In the sector dedicated to Azur Azur in Super Classic between CoroCoro A secular group at the Monumental Stadium.

According to images captured by Teletrece, marine division About 40 U fans in the stadium can be seen. Former barista at Los de Abajo .

Monumental - former leader of Los de Abajo in Superclassico
Capture | Channel 13
U Superclassic Barista
U Superclassic Barista

This is even more serious when considering Law 19,327. Professional Football Rights and Obligations said:

Boards and shareholders of sports corporations are prohibited and to coaches, athletes, technical team members, and other parties of sports organizations Provide fans with any kind of funding, financial or material assistance, either personally or through intermediaries Or football club supporters”.

In addition, tickets for matches of this type are part of the local district For visiting fans A fan of U in the Southern Sector of Monumental .

Well, it was already announced by CoroCoro, start investigation Find out what happened at the 2023 edition of the Superclasico between Los Albos and the University of Chile and the endless non-football events.

Source: Biobiochile

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