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Fans attacking Ivan Tony on social media will be banned from all stadiums in England



A fan who attacked player Ivan Tony with racist insults at an event described as “historic” was sentenced to a three-year ban and imprisonment in England.

24-year-old man disciplined 3 years without going to the soccer stadium After sending messages containing racist insults through social networks Ivan Tony players of brentford .

guilty, Anthony Neal sent these messages to Tony on 14 October 2022, shared by the footballer himself to condemn the situation many players have to face on a daily basis on social networks.

Neil pleaded guilty in a Newcastle court and was given a three-year ban. Plus 4 months imprisonment Discontinue use if no recurrence within 2 years.

Brentford Police and Northumberland Police describe the sentence as a “legal landmark”.

For several years, the Premier League, along with other British football bodies, have been working to reduce the abuse footballers are subjected to on social networks.

Source: Biobiochile

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