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Pinilla ‘minimizes’ Falcon absence at ColoColo: ‘I’m not talking about Beckenbauer’



Former striker and ‘U’ witness Mauricio Pinilla has downgraded his profile to Maximiliano Falcon’s annual absence at ColoColo.

He called the fans “rivals” to calm down. Mauricio Pinilla an identified ex-footballer University of Chile, sent a special message to the fans of Korokoro Who yelled into the sky for a replacement defender Maximilian Falcon.

In his new role as a sports commentator, “Piñigol” held back nothing and called on “Arbos” supporters not to idealize the Uruguayan defender.

“Hey, wait a minute. We’re not talking about the Franz Beckenbauer guys a lot of history with the Falcon,” expressed the ex-attacker’s mood during a debate on radio agriculture.

“He has three or four shots and it’s normal for him to be on the bench.” Added Pinilla to uphold coach’s decision Gustavo Quinteros sends Falcon to the bench.

In 2022, after the Maxi Falcon publicly ‘none’ the duel between ColoColo and Catolica, there’s something to remember. Pinilla has already ‘shot’ against Uruguay: on the classics,” he said at the time.

Maximiliano Falcon started the season as a starter but the Uruguayan lost his place in the starting eleven after being sent off and receiving a two-day penalty on the ‘pitch’ against Everton. To the point that he should have watched the Superclassic from the bench.

Source: Biobiochile

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