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This Huachipato falls in love: he beat Everton in Talcahuano and is the leader of the national championship



Huachipato was “partying” again. They beat Everton to take the lead in the national championship.

He likes, wins, beats. Huachipato on this saturday national championship After overcoming without great difficulty Everton de Vina del Mar .

The ‘Stealers’ team held on to three points after a commanding 3-0 win at home to Talcahuano’s CAP Stadium.

those who lead Gustavo Alvarez With zero own goals, Javier Altamirano, Brayan Parmesano and Chris Martinez rounded out the attack.

From the beginning of the game, Huachipato was looking to open an account.and this came true In the 10th minute, Maximiliano Rodriguez defeated goalkeeper Torgnacioli.

Instead of maintaining their advantage, the Steelworkers continued to attack and were able to extend the score to the 23rd minute.r Martinez did not fail and scored 2-0.

In the second period, the host quickly resolved the conflict. ’10’ Parmesano came on 3-0 in the 50th minute.

Two ejections were recorded after the match ended. Benjamín Berrios’ “Gold and Sky” (74 minutes) and Altamirano’s Ras he Higueras (82 minutes).

The win brings Huachipato to 18 points, one more than the Universidad Católica, who will play their ninth match against Magallanes tomorrow, as the tournament’s leaders (two games pending) (the “pending” duel is no more). is not). Everton, meanwhile, are parked in the eighth box with 11 positives.

The next day, the 10th, Álvarez travels north to face Copiapo while Viñamarinos takes on Academia at home.

Source: Biobiochile

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