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Manchester City keep the party going: Haaland’s three goals beat Burnley to reach the FA Cup ‘semi-finals’



Manchester City relentlessly beat Burnley to reach the FA Cup ‘semi-finals’. Erling Haaland is once again the goal’s ‘android’.

Erling Haaland expanded his particular exhibit Even in the FA Cup, he increased his numbers, led the team, city ​​of manchester a new win and a fifth straight semi-final in a competition that ended for Vincent Compagny’s Burnley, the legendary former ‘citizen’ who was remembered and recognized at Eithad but beaten by mentor Pep Guardiola. ” was a player.

There is no end to the Norwegian attacker’s greed as he capped off a glorious week with nine goals.Cristal in last weekend’s Premier League against Palace and his five goals against Leipzig in the Champions League Added this triplet, the sixth of the course the fourth Cup that helped to declare clashes before the break, ending in victory with contributions from Argentina’s Julian Alvarez and the young Cole Palmer, who later made two.

Achieved 42 goals in all competitions He put the first two balls he touched in the net into the net, shattering the illusion of championship leaders Burnley by a wide margin. The Norwegians then did something else. A hat-trick in an hour on the pitch.

Company’s return to the Etihad gave the preamble a friendly tone. His 360 games with Sky Blue and his 62 with Guardiola are numbers to consider. This is how the people of Manchester saw it too, in front of the man who was captain.

But he had no choice against Guardiola’s team , achieved a new record. He played City from 1962 to Manchester City from 1966 and from 2001 to Arsenal from 2001 to 2004. He reached the FA Cup semi-finals five times in a row, his third. team. tournament.

Insatiable Haaland and greedy City have scored 13 goals in two games. Against Leipzig he scored seven, against Burnley he scored six.

It was 1932 when Harland appeared. He opened his scoring with action starting with a direct kick from goalkeeper Stefan Ortega to the Norwegian player who walled with Julián his Alvarez. The striker put the ball into the net by toeing in before the goal was scored.

The second arrived after four. Phil Foden’s run on the left flank was true to his appointment, ending with a cross into the area where the Norwegian arrived. did not fail.

Burnley stopped a gale. He reached the break with just two goals. Although later everything changed.Goalkeeper Bailey Peacock Farrell stepped in with a brilliant save, but Riyad Mahrez was already able to score a third goal.But then came the third time in ’59. of City and Harland. Foden had a shot and the ball hit the post. He fell at the feet of the Norwegian who would not forgive him.

Spanish coach Pep Guardiola thought the goal had been achieved. He worked hard and made changes. Haaland disappeared from the field, but the city machine didn’t stop. In the 62nd minute, after good action from Kevin De Bruyne, a fourth goal by Julián Alvarez reached the empty goal, and a fifth came six times later, with the young Cole Palmer replacing Haaland. has signed. Another one of his highlights, the center of the Foden area.

The sixth was scored again by Alvarez, who, after receiving De Bruyne’s ball, crossed half the field, faced the goalkeeper and decided to lengthen the avalanche and seal City’s Wembley semi-final qualification. it was done.

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