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Unión La Calera and Audax Italiano didn’t do much damage in the national championship duel



Union La Carrera and Audax Italiano defeated Zero in a low-arrival match.

No further damage was done. La Carrera Union and Italian Audax Closed on the 9th Saturday national championship pale equality.

And was that “Sementeros” and Italicos were drawn without a goal at Nicholas Chauang, the result did not do much for anyone.

Local Carrelanos wanted to leave the three points and enter the upper zone. But they ranked him 7th with 12 positives for him.

For Audax the problem is more complicated. The Florida native is desperate for a win to stay out of the relegation zone and after a draw could close out the schedule as the bottom team if Copiapo and Union His Espanola win their respective games.

Tonight’s commitment was marked by a number of mid-range shots and some real risk shots. I stepped in to cancel. The first was due to Perez’s violation against goalkeeper Ahmada and the second due to Asta Buruaga’s offside.

Not counting the uncollected targets, Audax managed to score three points, but Gonzalo Sosa fumbled when he teamed up with goalkeeper Karabari to search for “Balloon”.

The next day, the 10th, Audax will play the University of Chile locally, while La Carrera will host O’Higgins.

Source: Biobiochile

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