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‘He’s a mercenary, go where the wind blows’: ex-PSG figure shoots Alexis Sanchez with all his might



A former player and current panelist in the French sports program lashed out at Alexis Sanchez for postponing and leaving his renewal at the Olympique de Marseille uncertain.

A national player living a glorious moment France teeth Alexis Sanchez became a star playing for Olympique Marseille And this is proven every week in the competition League 1.

With his goals, dribbling and dedication, he made an impact on the entire team and made the Chilean disgust factor To lead Igor Tudor’s team to victory. But for all the fame and recognition Tocopiranó has received lately, strong darts targeted at Former players and references From other great teams on French soil.

This is for exPSG, Jerome Rotten a current sports commentator who has launched in the last few hours inflammatory speech against the top scorer of red And they have traveled all over the world.

in the program of rmc chain the “Galicians” attacked him “Mysterious Child” because it does not yet guarantee its continuity Phocians And updating it with one of France’s most popular paintings is still the subject of debate in the Panel of Panels. tv set in a European country.

“He’s a mercenary, he goes where the wind blows”

the truth is Rotten He went on to say, “He says he is very attached to the club[Marseille], Alexis Sanchez I don’t think you need to get too attached to his emotional side. he’s a mercenary go where the wind blows ”.

Later he remembered some words he mentioned Alexis Sanchez Some time ago he stressed that he had not passed through the Marseille team and said: I can go, how can I stay? But I never come to Marseille on vacation. I’m not here to sunbathe. I really want to stay ”

After this, the former French midfielder He remembered them and shelled Alexis “His statement was made a few weeks ago after being eliminated from the French Cup. i didn’t like them. It puts pressure on the leader. Marseille He is ambitious club Since the arrival of Longoria (President of Marseille) ”.

no doubt they strong comment The Chilean present has been recognized and put in good performances, proving himself to be one of Ligue 1’s most influential players this season. Olympique Marseille they will fight to secure a place in the next edition champions league.

Source: Biobiochile

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