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Bellizzo speaks up on slump with La Roja, vents confidence: ‘I still believe in this process’



La Roja coach Eduardo Bellizzo has declared himself optimistic about what will happen at La Roja, which will begin a new World Cup qualifying process in September.

The Chilean team aims to reach it on Monday 27 March The first victory in Eduardo Berisso’s era in charge of the team Since his arrival in May 2022, ‘Toto’ numbers have been negative, and questions about his work have grown like wildfire.

The ‘Equipo de Todos’ coach mentioned this scenario before Monday’s friendly against Paraguay at the Monumental Stadium. O’Higgins’ former DT added 4 losses 3 draws in your process, just 2 goals Favor (14% yield).

Whoever was Marcelo Bielsa’s technical assistant in La Roja preferred to meet glass half full and breathe optimism They will face the South American qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup.

I believe in this process even if I don’t win Build a team in a week, I want to arrive in good health by September ‘ began Bellizzo.

“We always work to win. Other things are important in the process. Winning doesn’t explain everything. My idea is to build a team that finds a line of play. The stadium is finished and people are excited and want to see the team. They will help us win. ”

The 53-year-old from Cruz Alta was also consulted by Alexis Sanchez when he said: The golden age is ‘gone’ calls to bet on the integration of young players within the team.

“They (Golden Generation) are the current footballers of the national team. Their performance explains it, they’re here for a reason There are now five of them and they are part of the experience transmitted and its existence It’s not because of past success but for plausibility enough to unite the team,” he clarified.

“We have players from 22 to 28 years old and they have been replaced… Here it depends on performance, not age backed by a stable core of football players who are called up according to their performance,” he added.

In the same vein, he said, “There is no team to support a 37-year-old team, nor a team to support a 21-year-old… mix is ​​key ”.

Even a former Paraguayan coach said, “ANFP has presented a proposal that shows their optimism. should be more interested in young people to develop football players and young people ”.

Friendly match against Paraguay

Of his friendly charm with “Albiroja” at Pedrero, Bellizzo said: Possession and quick recovery I want to win after seeing that.”

“I focus on training my players in the best possible way. We all want to win. We need to put all our energy into training and living healthy,” he added. rice field.

La Roja’s DT also appeared and explained why he played Only There are not two FIFA days this March. most of its rivals in qualifying.

“It’s very difficult to finish two matches at national team level. I have to go to Asia for that and my intention was to play with rivals like Paraguay, who measure the level of South America,” he declared.

Source: Biobiochile

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