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Claudio Borghi is furious, defends himself after Alan Silberman’s words: ‘Don’t get me in trouble’



Claudio Borghi has stopped Gabriel Suazo’s former agent, Alan Silberman, who had a crush on Fernando Felicevic when he wanted to sign Gonzalo Fierro when he was coach of Boca Juniors. He accused me of doing business.

In the past few hours, a major controversy has unleashed after a former agent’s inflammatory statements. Gabriel Suazo , Alan Silverman aimed at former players of Korokoro to the current leader Fernando Felicevic And it has also sparked various fields of recognized national soccer players.

it is the case of Claudio Borghi involved in one of the comments made by the representative in the conversation red gol.

For more information silverman And it bothered the ex-DT red it’s to Gonzalo Fierro he wanted to take it boca juniors when i wasn’t playing flamenco When I told him to go away, he took it with him. mouth Although it was not the result of a medical examination, he also acted modestly. Borghi was the coach of the “xeneize” cast at the time.

words that ignited the spirit of “Bichi” who in the new chapter of We are all engineers at TNT Sports. defended himself against accusations that silverman He threw into the aforementioned medium.

true to his style Claudio Borghi He began to sayAlan, I never had an entrepreneur. Both as a player and as a coach. Somebody saw my contract and couldn’t handle all the points, fines and termination clauses that were there.”

“Don’t confuse me if you don’t have the ability to keep players”

Similarly, he continued his answer by emphasizing that: iron Until Argentina, he had previously trained players and saw the qualities and techniques to adapt to what he was looking for at that moment in the box. “Blue and Gold”.

In this regard, the former DT of “Cacique” points out: iron I knew him from an early age and knew he could do my duty on the team. Because there was no winger on the right side Gonzalo was with me, but he didn’t get through to medical school. He had vision problems due to a retinal detachment and did not pass a medical examination. He returned to Flamengo, owner of the pass ”.

“So when you say I’m wearing a player, because he’s from. Fernando Felicevic You’re accusing me of being corrupt, so I need to be careful,” he slipped.

He then went on to stand by his position, emphasizing: not only do they harm the environment footballers, clubs and this brotherhood between you.”

To the last, Claudio Borghi sent a strong but clear message Alan Silverman by declaringLet’s work more in the face of not being able to keep players Do not speak ill of people as you have spoken ill of me.

“So Alan, son, big hug. Remember how many years I’ve been here. complicated people And I have never been accused of being corrupt. The only thing in my life is my name and the rest is nonsense. Alan, hug and take care “, Hill.

Make no mistake, those are statements by the former world champion, who has little to do with the controversy that caused the world. Former agent of Gabriel Suazo who is currently under the eaves Fernando Felicevic Happy in Toulouse.

Check out Claudio Borghi’s disclaimer


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