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Luis Mena on possible meeting with Christiane Endler: ‘You have to have a high vision’



La Roja’s new female coach has admitted that she wants to clear up any doubts about the new cycle she will lead in a behind-closed-doors conversation with goalkeeper Christiane Endler.

The new coach of the Chilean women’s soccer team, Luis Mena spoke about her next assignment in charge of female Red and a pending conversation with her captain, Christiane Endler.

in an interview with The thirdCoach confessed that it will be a difficult project for him to start, but he is full of optimism. “Certainly there will be many complications along the way, but we want to leave our mark.”

In this regard, Mena made it clear that she wants her maximum figure and standard. Christian Endler Towards a cycle led by CoroCoro’s former defender.

“Chile cannot leave people out because we really need them all,” he said.

So when asked if he had considered the Olympique Lyonnais goalkeeper in the new process, DT revealed that Thien’s presence would be integral to his new plans. “We need leadership. Yes or yes. was sentenced.

Luis Mena will try to convince Christian Endler

There, Mena answered Endler’s open questions about the performance of former national team coach Jose Leterrier.

The coach slipped that he knew the goalkeeper’s remarks suggested a better job at national team level. “I completely understand and empathize with many of your assessments. but that’s how a leader should be, and she must know how to find that meeting place so that she can contribute from her role, all her experience, all her wisdom,” he told the newspaper. I saved you.

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Finally, Luis Mena said he would like to join Guardapalos soon to end the uncertainty quickly and start the cycle with the La Roja mare commanding on the right foot.

“Anything that has to be discussed with her, we discuss it here behind closed doors because it should be. You can talk directly between the four walls. We must also have a high vision, learn and grow as much as possible, and be critical and self-critical in the right direction. ” he concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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