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What wasn’t seen in the racist attack on Vinicius in Valencia: the judge’s tears, threats and indifference



Unpublished images have been released showing how a Valencia fan’s racist attack on Vinicius was conceived and ultimately demanded change in tears.

Football continues to rock after racist attack on Brazilian player Vinicius forward real madrid during the visit of “Meringue”, Valencia To league From Spain.

During this Sunday’s game, the Verde Amarella star had to deal with insults from local fans, who also made monkey noises to annoy Real Madrid’s attackers.

Its influence continues to this day, and one of the controversial new images of the party is the Revealing previously unreported details of the people experienced by ‘Vini’ at the Mestalla Stadium .

In the video released by Planeta Deportivo, you can see how it all started. In a corner kick in favor of Real Madrid, Vinicius identified two fans who were shouting racist insults at him and tried to accuse him of being the same Valencian player.

And as the Brazilian tries to be controlled by his teammates and rivals, the screams at him never stop. “Die Vinicius!” sang a good portion of the stands. .

Given this situation, “Vini” approached the referee to denounce the harasser, but the referee only asked him to calm down so the match could continue.

overcome depending on the situation After several tears, the Brazilian asked coach Carlo Ancelotti to remove him from the game. . After a conversation with the striker and coach, the player finally chooses to remain on the pitch.

Thus began the racist attack against Vinicius in Valencia.

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