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‘Good offer welcome’: Falcon won’t shut door on possible farewell from CoroCoro



Maximiliano Falcon has spoken out about what could happen to his future at Cacique, despite the fact that the crowd has drowned out Mexican interest in his pass.

Are you starting to find yourself getting farther and farther from Makuru?That’s exactly the question they’re trying to answer Korokoro respect for the future of Maximilian Falcon within the team.

And that’s before a trip to Venezuela, where Arvos will face Monagas in Group F of the Copa Libertadores. The defender shed light on his future among the patriarchs

“Honestly, I don’t have any information, they haven’t talked to me.” Said.

Nevertheless, Falcon pointed out: “I have a contract with the club, I am happy, everyone knows that.” ”.

Although he did not rule out the possibility of resignation, “Perka” pointed out as well: “I have a current contract and I will honor it as they have respected me. If tomorrow’s offer is good, you’re welcome.” .

It is worth mentioning that Falcon’s letter is of interest to Cruz Azul de Mexico. soyfootball.com “He is considering a contract for this summer.”

Source: Biobiochile

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