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After leaving Isla: Burjbasic prepares new signings’ matches at Universidad Católica



José María Burděbasic recalled the first half of the season, pointing to the departure of another player at Católica after Mauricio Isla’s farewell.

Sport Manager of Crusados ​​SADP, Jose Maria Burdjbasic this Monday brought you an analysis of what the first part of the season has been. catholic university Aiming Exiting another player after parting on the side mauritius island .

At a press conference, ‘Tati’ revealed that work is underway to designate new outlets for the student store, especially for football players who are not registered for the national championship. alien limit and for him spotty performance .

The player in question is the Argentinian center defender Nahuel Pass reaching the foot in February 2022. Outing in June I agreed with him on possible options,” said the leader and former goalkeeper.

After the first round of the national championship, Burjbasic said of the first-team balance: “I can’t say it was 100% positive, but South America was a hard blow From a budget and sporting perspective, it was not within our expectations. “

“Regarding the national convention, it was a slightly irregular semester, but we were able to finish it safely.” good mood the team played a good game in Copiapo with the same formation as Carrera, it was a good game, not the result we wanted, but it felt good,” he added.

With a similar mindset, he, who won the 2005 championship with the cast of the strip as a goalkeeper, said the idea was:2nd Semester Continues to Grow , This is probably a balance that can be considered as ‘U’ still has 60 minutes left and hopes of reaching 26 with a win as they have 6 more points to go. There are 6 more points, which can be attributed to many factors… not so easy to play in different scenarios. “

Finally, considering the possibility of cranes being transported from overseas, Alexander Aravena – one of the numbers surpassed this season -, the sporting manager noted: “There may be some options but we’ll have to see if it’s replaced, those are the things to come. is this period ”.

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