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Boric’s stadium debut: Carabineros deny mobilizing more police officers



Carabineros denied that additional security had been arranged for President Boric to attend last Saturday’s game between the University of California and La Calera at Santa Laura Stadium.

Inspector General Enrique Monras, head of the National Order and Security Department, denied that additional security forces had been arranged. Consent of President Gabriel Boric at Santa Laura Stadium in the commune of Independencia.

Remember, the president is a fan of the Universidad Católica and went to see the University of California vs. La Carrera game last Saturday.

Mr. Boric arrived accompanied by the Interior Minister’s Chief of Staff Ricardo Montero and several of his advisers.

It is worth mentioning that the head of state did not want to sit at the Priority Tribune, where there are private boxes for officials and leaders. Cameras caught him at the “Andes” tribune, which probably meant increased security.

Boric at Santa Laura Stadium

as mentioned The thirdBorik had enough warehouses. CarabinerYes, the person who joined the escort. To his left was the captain of the guard, Colonel Patricio Aguayo. In front of him is Corporal Pasquala Hara, behind him is Chief of Operations Coordination, Captain Ali Jatib. They were all dressed in street clothes.

The aforementioned media sources declared that they were not the only uniformed police officers at the location, but rather were only in charge of their most direct radio. “This team is in close proximity to the ‘Sierra Eco’ in case of any threat or anomalous behavior approaching,” he declared. Sierra Eco calls the president “Your Excellency”.

It has also been pointed out that there were four patrols outside the stands, watching out for strange movements.

According to La Tercera, in the face of any situation that might affect the president, or simply to be “alarmed”, the Carabineros, in addition to the forces normally assigned to “stadium service”, have added about It is said that he arranged an army of 50 men.

Carabineros denies the possibility of additional deployments

In the face of this, General Monrath said, “Regarding reports in the domestic media about the attendance of the President of the Republic at sporting events, Carabineros de Chile categorically rule out the possibility of sending any more troops to the event. ”

“The president of the republic travels in his own safety, with presidential escort. Therefore, we do not believe that more personnel were put into this type of event,” the official added.

Source: Biobiochile

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