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El Salvador: Government says ticket overselling and counterfeit tickets for fatal football match



The death of 12 people in a crowd during a football match is El Salvador’s biggest sports tragedy.

El Salvador’s Interior Minister Carlos Videguin said: There was an oversale of tickets and counterfeit tickets The match between Alianza and Futbolista Associados Santanecos (FAS) was suspended after a man-made charge killed 12 people.

“The same fans repeatedly allege fake tickets were sold, oversold tickets, closed gates and few stadium staff at the box office or at the box office,” the source said at a press conference. ‘ said.

He also deplored the blockade of ambulances and “medical personnel trying to help the victims” outside the Cuscatlan stadium. “This is reprehensible and endangers people who are being transported and need urgent assistance.” he added.

Crowded at El Salvador soccer match

Civil Protection Director Luis Amaya said most of the 88 injured were “treated” at medical assistance centres, claiming “some were discharged and some remained under observation”.

Amaya said emergency relief and response plans were being implemented “based on possible scenarios”, which were given by the organizers. He argued that such a plan would be complicated “if the site is compromised by the same organizer.”

The 12 deaths, the biggest tragedy in sports for the Central American country, occurred within the framework of the 2023 Clausura quarter-final return game.

FIFA and world football teams extend their condolences to the fans of El Salvador, as does the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). In addition, Salvadoran authorities are investigating the incident, but so far no one has been identified as the culprit.

Source: Biobiochile

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