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Female CoroCoro Crack Destroys ByN, Jordy Thompson: ‘Magic Stopped’



Colo Colo women’s player Michel Olivarez has stood up for herself against Jordy Thompson and Blanco y Negro for a call-up to the Copa Libertadores.

The women’s corps of Korokoro still in the middle of the war Jordy Thompson a “Cacique” player facing justice for gender violence.

The young footballer was included in the delegation heading to Venezuela to face Monagas in the Copa Libertadores, unleashing frustration on Albus’ side. Michelle Olivarez .

Via social networks, the footballer was reported to have taken Thompson on a trip to the plains with the rest of the team, sharing screenshots revealing extensive insights.

“It’s a shame that justice is decided by money. The club puts the common good before endorsing unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind. What a disappointment, aside from the overriding values ​​and David Arellano’s display of such skill,” Olivarez said at the outset.

“Victims will always wonder why they persist in toxic relationships after the first or second act of violence, why they don’t report, why they don’t seek help. Well, here’s the answer. is. This was published and the attackers were players from our club ColoColo. And it wasn’t punished at all.” added the defense of “Kashik”.

Finally, Olivarez claimed that “there has been talk of reintegration into society, and the supposed treatment period has passed for two months, and in the process, he has been seen going out to parties and acting aggressively.” . Even so, it can be canceled with magic.”

It’s worth mentioning that the winger isn’t the first Colo-Colo player to refuse to call up Jordy Thompson.they were already doing it Javiera Gules and Isidora Olave refused to allow the questioned player to return to the court.

Check out Michelle Olivarez’s message to Jordy Thompson and CoroCoro.

Source: Biobiochile

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