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‘I was prettier’: Miguel Ramirez stopped student who ‘imitated’ historic goal



Like his coach at El Sausalito in 2004, Felipe Orellana received a standing ovation for his excellent performance at Estelle Loa Revoledo.

this monday, University of Concepcion With a 2-0 win against Santiago Morning at the Estelle Roa Reboledo Stadium, they added three valuable points in their bid to break out of Primera B last place.A priceless victory marked by a phenomenal left foot Philip Orellana Remembering DT’s legendary goal, Miguel Ramirez in 2004, wearing Colo Colo colors.

The ‘Campanile’ midfielder opened the scoring with a perfect goal in the 18th minute that left Kocao fans speechless.

Despite the difference in distance between shots, the memory of ‘Cheit’ ‘Missile’ against Everton came back immediately after the game. similarity of technical gestures . An observation that the rapporteur of the official correspondence also reported.

After the final whistle blew, Ramírez was consulted about his disciple’s brilliant goal, and with a smile on his face, decided to undermine Orellana’s feat by his side.

“Mine is even more beautiful. This is a very good player, so please don’t enlarge it.” dismissed the coach of the bottom team of B.

The author of this great goal also left words to analyze this play as follows. Luckily the ball went in, so we had to win anyway, so I’m happy. He dedicated the goal to his mother who is always with him. “

Source: Biobiochile

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