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Rangers fans outraged by gift with misspelled club name: Sponsor should have apologized



Rangers de Tarca fans were outraged by a gift Malpo Realty sent to fans with the club’s name misspelled.

The unusual situation has greatly upset the followers of Talca Ranger anger only doubled after losing 1-4 Sports Iquique by the 13th the first B .

And it was in the midst of clashes between the “Losinegro” and one of the club’s sponsors, the Northerners, that Marpo Real Estate held a penalty shootout contest for fans to win prizes.

However, as the winner proved through social networks, among the giveaways was also an invisible erroneous pennant that emerged from the talkbox.

Team colored ornaments instead of Rangers. “Ranger of Tarka” .

Marpo had to apologize on his Instagram account because of the outrage from “red and black” fans.

“We regret that this precious prize has been lost for the participants. We would like to thank all the fans who came to the stadium and sent us important images,” said the real estate company. was taken.

And they blamed the mall team themselves for the flawed pennant. “These were purchased from our beloved team’s official store. We encourage you to make changes at the Mall Portal Centro.” .

Notably, the Rangers lost to Deportes Iquique to finish ninth in the tournament. rise With 18 points, they are six behind the championship leader.

Source: Biobiochile

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