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‘He refuses it and goes to Mexico’: Mauricio Isla says ‘no’ to another great Chilean footballer turns out



After leaving the University of California, Mauricio Isla received an offer from another national soccer player, but he closed the door on options and everything points to him going to Liga MX

Mauricio Isla’s future, one of La Roja’s golden age witnesses, remains up in the air after leaving catholic university For “purely personal reasons”.

I was able to reach it even with “Hua element” another “big” International football in the second half of the season, except for the 2010 South Africa World Cup and the 2014 Brazil World Cup I said no” .

the club in question Korokoro .according to Corkhevia Two-time American Champion on Radio PautaThey made him an offer (from “Cacique”), but he rejected it. ”.

“Isla, who left the Catholic They told me he was going to Mexico. added the communicator.

coach Gustavo Quinteros A week ago I mentioned someone from Buin. “may be an option But I didn’t analyze it specifically, there are some in the folder,” he said.

However, the president of Blanco y Negro, Alfredo Stevin, is virtually thumb down “He’s a great player, but it is already in another stage I don’t know if there will come a time when it will reach ColoColo,” he said.

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Source: Biobiochile

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