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From politics to football: Soledad Alvear presides over the ANFP Court of Honor



Former Senator and Minister of State Soledad Alvear Elected Honorary Chief Justice of ANFP

From politics to football. Soledad Alvear the former senator and secretary of state, was elected the new president at the ANFP Presidential Council this Tuesday. Honorary Court Responsible of national football.

Whoever was a minister in the governments of Patricio Ailwyn, Eduardo Frei and Ricardo Lagos, the main mission was to: Proper behavior of a professional soccer coach .

Alvear knows the world of football well. His father Ernesto was a sports coach and one of the Chilean architects. Hosted the 1962 World Cup La Roja reached a historic third place.

Former president christian democracy (DC) total reached 28 votes Although he won a second majority at the regular session of Quillin’s Presidential Council, Eugenio Evans 22 votes.

This was the first meeting between the leaders of the national clubs. stalemate with the government as the content of a WhatsApp group was leaked in which specific criticisms of the proposal to bar the entrance to the stadium of alimony debtors were mentioned.

Soledad Alvear will lead the organization she accompanies, the Court of Honor. Eugenio Evans (Attorney at Catholic University), Luis Hermosira (Government Counsel in the Ruxinger-McRae and Catrilanka Cases), Marcelo Forni (Former member of the House of Representatives, member of Transparente, Chile) Francisco Celesuela (former President of the Spanish Union).

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Source: Biobiochile

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