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In a ‘feint’ to the media: La Serena leaders make a surprise entrance to the Presidential Council



A report from the Bio-BioChile Investigation Unit said La Serena’s leadership did not want the media to be present on the day of the hurricane, citing Fernando Felicević’s intervention within the club.

This Tuesday, on the premises of the head office, ANFPanother thing runs presidential council club’s.where the leadership of La Serena Sports Club became the hero

And that comes in the turbulent weeks at Kirin, marked by Tuesday’s Bio-Bio Chile Investigative Unit report describing the leaks of Pablo Milado’s chats and, in particular, the powers exercised by representative Fernando Felicević. It means that it is a meeting to be held. Institutions of the aforementioned 4th region.

In connection with the latter, there was an interesting moment in the summit vestibule.

It turned out that christian accountant responsible for the painting “Garnet”, He entered the premises through the side door. put a “feint” on the press at the entrance.

This was confirmed on-site by Radio Bío Bío. “They didn’t enter the building through the front, they entered through the back. It’s not because of the location of the media, ”explained journalist Felipe Espina.

The door through which the “papaela” delegation entered would be the door through which they could enter the kitchen, they added at Deportes Agricultura. From there the managers would have proceeded to eventually access the main hall as a sort of ‘escape’ from the press.

Note that the most important thing in the Council so far is the establishment of the ANFP Court of Honor, headed by Soledad Alvear.

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Source: Biobiochile

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