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Sifpu reacts to Felicević’s total control at La Serena: ‘Today’s system allows things like this to happen’



Sifupu spoke out on Tuesday, referring to the sheer dominance that Chilean football star international Fernando Felicević is displaying within Club Deportes La Serena.

he League of Professional Footballers (Sifup) spoke up this Tuesday, Fernando Felicevic a representative of Chilean football stars presented indoors La Serena Sports Club.

A study by the Bio-Bio Chili Research Unit found that shadow power He has represented players like Alexis Sanchez and Arturo Vidal at the aforementioned Northern Agency, who play for La Primera B.

in a dialogue with wirelesspresident of an association that protects the interests of football players, Gamadiel Garcia “We’ve pointed this out a few times. It’s the timeshare problem, the white suit problem, the people appearing on different teams in the same work team. At least for us. it gets our attention ”.

“Well, we don’t have the authority and shouldn’t investigate, but we have similar contracts, same lawyers, same work team, and unfortunately we find ourselves repeating the same thing.” Today’s system allows this And in the long term, our tournaments will become less competitive,” he added.

regarding Disadvantages for soccer players This matter. The former midfielder of teams such as La Wu, Audax and Deportes Concepcion said, “Every time, somehow, it becomes less likely that some players will join a team full of national football players, I think so,” he said.That’s at least he’s one topic worry ”.

“That we don’t have competitive tournaments, tournaments with clear provisions and exemplary sanctions, and unfortunately every year, beyond the campaign of some players, the first to have clubs is the they have a representative . Players who played a good tournament should be rewarded, but we don’t see the situation as such,” he added.

Garcia similarly noted, “Here we have no sanctions and no one who can effectively comply with them.” Supervisory work …Fortunately, we have championed the cause of many of the players at these facilities and won them over. ”

Asked if there was a lack of will in the ANFP leadership to block this power from representatives of professional football clubs, the Sifup powerhouse said it was “not a lack of will from the board or the president”. . (Pablo Milado), lack of will. club presidents Who is ultimately in control of regulations, tournament foundations and everything that happens in our football today. ”

“The expressed will must be reflected” in writing, in rules, in materials , and not just the word good upbringing… Through some leaks, like the one done by this medium (BioBioChile), it’s clear that the union is doing its trick.we we always protect To the soccer players,” he said.

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Source: Biobiochile

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