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Falcon’s mistake almost blaming ColoColo against Monagas: De Paul sent off to save him



In the Copa Libertadores clash with Coro Coro, defender Maximiliano Falcon made yet another mistake and without Fernando de Paul he would have blamed Arvos.

Maximilian Falcon defense of Korokoro he made yet another big mistake libertadores cup this time during a visit to Arbos Monagas Originally from Venezuela.

‘Peruca’ had already made a mistake in their 2-0 defeat to Boca Juniors at the Monumental Stadium, and on Tuesday they almost criticized ‘Cacique’ again.

It’s already discounted for the second half, A defender loses the ball in the middle of the field, triggering a counter-attack in favor of Llaneros .

Fernando Basante stole the ball from Maximiliano Falcon and started running towards goal. Ferdinand of Paul Desperate to prevent Coro Coro from falling and make up for his teammate’s mistake, Coro Colo infringed on the Venezuelan at the very edge of the area.

Sent off with a direct red card after the goalkeeper was killed . A free-kick was taken, but luckily for ‘Peruka’, it wasn’t a celebration for the host nation.

This was De Paul’s banishment after the judgment of Maximiliano Falcon.

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Source: Biobiochile

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