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La Serena justifies Felicevic’s ‘power’, accuses ex-leader in controversial chit-chat



Deportes La Serena president Cristian Contador justified it, citing chatter showing Fernando Felicevich’s power within the club.

After attending the ANFP Presidents’ Council meeting in Kirin, sport la serena , christian accountant announces position on lawsuit filed by ex-manager Martin Ossandon .

In this regard, in dialogue with that dayrefers to the role played by the player’s representative within the facility. Fernando Felicevic a person who appears in a WhatsApp conversation in a document submitted by a former “Papaello” official.

How do you feel about the public chat showing Felicevic giving instructions as one of the club’s leaders?

“First of all, this is what we have been repeating persistently, Fernando is an advisor to Deportes La Serena and we have never hidden that, nor do we need to hide it. . So do other members of his team and his Vibra company he owns. What happens is that Ossandon tries to create distorted and parallel delusional realities in order to collect things that aren’t his own and that don’t really stand up to much analysis.

When it comes to messaging, everything moves fast these days, so quick communication is key and WhatsApp chat is an efficient medium. In an atmosphere of trust, no one would expect one of the participating parties to violate the above norms by broadcasting the organization’s private affairs.

But in this case it happened. What’s impressive is that the chats of Fernando and his team asking me for permission to proceed in that manner have not been publicly leaked. In effect, as advisors with executive powers, they can always act on my knowledge and consent. The proof is that I signed all of the club’s documents, not them. “

Beyond legal matters, how would you rate Martin Ossandon’s achievements in club management?

“When he arrived at Deportes La Serena, he presented a project based on the goals we had set. I’m here. However, in the final assessment, Ossandon was a man who focused more on personal matters than on club development, and ended up doing nothing. . Let me tell you, he didn’t quit. We as a club fired him because we lost faith in him and because he used his paid job at the club as a platform for his own projects. Never the latest reports, contract issues, issues with players, double conversations, personal interests, etc. It was really disappointing compared to my expectations and promises. It was unable to establish a relationship with the mayor’s office, to support the sports city project, or to develop relationships with the local groups and industries that are part of the project.

All of this has created the need to ask the club’s lawyers to analyze their actions and consider possible misconduct and legal action against the club in all areas of civil and criminal law.

Martin Ossandin claims Felicevic is the owner of the club…

“It’s already a statement with some kind of obsession. It must be hard for Martin to understand that there could be agents and advisors after we know his work.” It doesn’t really surprise me anymore that his incompetence even makes him believe everything he makes up to get money. I want to make it clear, because he knows very well that what he wants is money and that I am the majority shareholder and president of the club, but he says Fernando is the owner. They are blackmailing with the intention of giving them something. . . And he quit because he did a terrible job.

In your argument, Ossandon reported to Fernando Felicevic and his people, not to you.

“He came to me for resources when nothing fit him in his expectations and we had to deliver on our promises. want to invent

I will tell you another thing. Almost an anecdote of impotence and clarity in terms of my participation and role. In a roster where Ossandon personally presents me with numbers and projections, I questioned the entire presentation and the management team.All bad numbers, all wrong predictions, all . I have rarely seen mistakes in amounts, salaries, expenses and incomes in my career. The level was so messy that I suspended the board on what Martin had to do and let Martin act accordingly. But my point is that in addition to revealing that I am the owner and president of the club, your poor performance and lack of professionalism is so obvious that you can filter it or It’s not convenient for you to bring it to court.

Is it true that he was the one who arbitrarily dismissed the players on Deportes La Serena’s Instagram without notifying anyone and should have since deleted it?

“Unfortunately, as general manager, Martín has run into an unfortunate situation that has led to the situation he points out. Luckily we were able to get it resolved very quickly and again, it’s a shame we have to go out and talk about these types of people, but they’re the ones that we To me, Ossandon is a mess and for his role is owner and president of the club, almost a public figure. I felt like Arriving three minutes before the match started, he showed who he was by disrespecting the trajectory of domestic witnesses and treating them with grotesque demeanor. . Ossandon is the worst contract we have ever signed at the club and the only thing we can regret today. That’s why we fired him. “

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