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‘You’re not Jara or Elias, you have no skills, you’re Uruguayan’: Falcon’s mistake angers Valdivia



The ‘Wizards’ threw a dart at the ‘Peruka’ after Fernando de Paul made a sending-off mistake against Monagas.

this Tuesday, Korokoro The only time he managed to regain points against Venezuela was against Monagas. Despite him being the star of almost the entire match, his lack of effectiveness and defensive mistakes put the blame on some ‘Arbo’ who are starting to get complicated in the Copa Libertadores. rice field.

Leandro Venegas’ misstep at goal and Fernando de Paul’s red card were part of Maturin’s ‘Cacique’ biggest ‘Condro’, an accessible match that ended up 1-1. It ended in vain when I caught up with the tie.

However, the panelists DNA radioformer soccer player Jorge Valdivia , he chose to face another failure of coach Gustavo Quinteros.a Uruguayan Maximilian Falcon .

“Katsura”, in the final minutes of an international engagement, He failed to clear the ball when it should have been, lost it to a “puncture” by a rival player, and was sent off after the white goalkeeper desperately sent off. .

In this regard, the “Wizard” attacked the “Charlua” defender, depriving him of the grounds he always gives in his analysis. “I justified his ownership, but his mistake now is not overconfidence like he did against Boca Juniors.” .

“This is a lack of respect for ColoColo’s play. This is not overconfidence. It is a lack of respect for Gustavo Quinteros, the players and Fernando de Paul, who was sent off after a childish mistake at his own risk. ” Complementing former players.

But the harsh criticism doesn’t end there, as criticism formed within Makru’s cast blames Falcon’s nationality and compares him to more technical center defenders like Elias Figueroa and Gonzalo Jara. and humiliated him with

“You have to throw the ball into hell. You’re under pressure from two players, you have to take it out, you have to burst, you can’t do anything but what you do. You don’t matter if it’s Jala or Elias. No. Your characteristics and conditions are not a skilled player or a technical player, you are Uruguayan.” rounded out the two-time American champions at La Roja.

Source: Biobiochile

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