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CDLS WhatsApp, Part 2: Conflict in women’s football and fear of possible ‘extortion’ by ANFP



A new chat shows how Deportes La Serena handled the dispute with the women’s team…always under Fernando Felicevich’s approval and with the protection of Pablo Milado and the ANFP.

sport la serena Argentinian Agents’ Dominance Revealed and Continues to Shake Fernando Felicevic In the midst of a labor lawsuit filed by the club’s former general manager, at the “Papaello” box, Martin Ossandon .

A report from the Bio-Bio Chile Research Unit describes the shadow power of player representatives who give the go-ahead to football player recruitment and renewal, administrative decisions and communications management.

Now, after reviewing the 1,300 pages of internal communications that are part of the legal action, how the frontrunners of the ‘maroon’ team acted with Felicevich’s approval in their clash with the women’s team. I know how.

everything goes back June 2022 when he was the club’s goalkeeper at the time, Paola Hinojosa protested vehemently to the board over the demeaning conditions in which they worked.

“It’s up to us to protect this wretched organization. Every weekend we’re playing against a rival three or five notches above us, not just financially, but in the basics of support,” said the goalkeeper. claimed. Against Universidad de Chile.

Hinojosa was fired from the team by manager Wilson Fure which provoked a rebellion among his teammates, who declared a “strike” until nearly the entire coaching staff was fired.

While the footballers turned the club upside down, key leaders coordinated via WhatsApp: Martin Ossandon, Daniel Behar (Felicević’s right-hand man), Christian Contador (President of Deportes La Serena) and the player’s agent himself .

“This has to be cut from the root.”

This is Ossandon’s presentation method June 10, 2022 tell the rest of the members of the WhatsApp group about the problems of the players of the club.

“Hi how are you? I just had a chat with Dani (Behar) about what’s going on in women’s football. Putting them into context:
– The players decided not to show up for training yesterday afternoon, so it was decided to travel with the juniors.
– Today, players under the age of 19 have asked us not to travel as they are under pressure from ‘unemployed’ players.
– The team’s players now say their main problem is the coaching staff and they need to change coaching staff to keep the team going.

With your approval, what I would like to do is:
– Request to stop the match.
– Uploading a statement that the players have requested the dismissal of DT in order to play the game, that they are unable to play in the game, and that they will not tolerate such pressure.
– Formally separate all players from the adult team on Monday, letting players 19 and under play on the adult team and players 16 and under on the 19-and-under team.
It must be plucked in the bud. It is hard to believe that the goalkeeper’s criticism (which was directed at the club and us) has led to a petition calling for the resignation of the coaching staff. . Please pay attention to your comments/advice/observations to proceed. “

Daniel Behar mocked the situation Christian Contador, on the other hand, was the first to speak seriously about the accusation of the women’s “Garnet” squad.

“Martin, first of all, I would like to express to you my clear position. Intimidation, cohesion, extortion, undue pressure and disrespect are never conducive to legitimate long-term contracts,” La Serena’s president said.

Ossandon provided further details, including speaking directly to senior Kirin officials. “I totally agree. Why don’t you make a statement along those lines? I’m discussing the suspension with Constanza Minoretti (assistant manager of women’s football) and Milado (Pablo, ANFP president). Jorge Fistonic gave us the OK to suspend.” .

ANFP fears ‘rebellion’ in women’s football

Dialogue between Martin Ossandon and the rest of the leadership continues, with the ANFP also involved, fearing a “mutiny” by the rest of the establishment, in the words of La Serena’s former general manager. The ANFP has accepted the suspension of its activities.of women’s championship.

“What happens is he knows that this could be repeated at every club if the ANFP does not provide accommodation. Fistonic (of the board of directors of the Chilean football governing body) told me that if we were to be punished with ‘hell’s punishment’, this would be used as a means of extortion by all clubs without players. I was.hired . Meanwhile, ANFP called me to inform me that the match was suspended due to force majeure. It will be rescheduled without any fines or penalties imposed on us. So now we need to upload a statement (I am preparing it) and I will send it for your approval,” Osandon told them.

Then Cristian Contador spoke out and he wrote the following statement: After review by Fernando Felicevic published on the social network of the “Papaello” team.

“Players and players (which we will always respect), fans (which we will always be grateful for), local media (who will be courteous), local governments (who will always support us). ), and to the irreplaceable people Serena (we will always defend), and to all those who have love for this, your club, I say this with respect.

I would like to say that I am truly sorry for what is happening in women’s football. It is very difficult to understand how we came to live in the situation that is happening now and that these lines are dedicated to the act of divorce and not to the act of consolidation. It’s really very sad. The founding axis of my administration has always been, first and foremost, respect for the institutions for which I was in charge, and at the same time respect for the community that deserves the best version of me.

The organization I am proud to represent has values ​​rooted in sportsmanship and, as a result, a deep respect for people. Clubs will always support dialogue and seeking consensus in an environment of respect where legitimate demands can be made. Threats, coercion, extortion, undue pressure and disrespect are never used as a means of legitimate long-term contracts.

We are very sorry that most of the players on the women’s team do not want to play tomorrow, Saturday 11 June, against Deportes Iquique, without considering the serious consequences that this act could cause. Worse, we weren’t given the dialogue they needed to resolve the issues they rightfully wanted to express.

Meanwhile, I would like to thank the American Professional Football Association (ANFP) and rival team Deportes Iquique for agreeing to suspend the Caja Los Andes Women’s Championship, which is valid until the 12th. I hope we can find solutions together on what can be fixed, confident in the call of self-reflection and moderation. Because I’m sure we still have a lot to do and a lot to improve. Never acted in bad faith or negligently. Resources are scarce and obligations are numerous. I will try my best to accommodate any wishes. Because I strongly believe that gender equality is not just a “nice word”, it’s what our society really needs to be a better nation.

Kind regards, Cristian Contador, President of Club Deportes La Serena.

Give us your opinion…If you agree, we will send you a Word. “

Fernando Felicevic, the man who always gets the last word

Fernando Felicevic said he had amended his statement. “I have already commented on Christian, but the overall idea and tone seems very good to me.” .

Once approved, Martin Ossandon forwarded the document signed by Felisevic himself Before being published on Deportes La Serena social networks.

“I’m going to upload it to RRSS, but do you think you can send it to the press (with an obvious file name change)?” said the club’s former vice-president.

“I feel like the network is enough.” said the player representative.

It is worth noting that BioBioChile attempted to contact ANFP but did not receive a response at the end of this publication.

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Source: Biobiochile

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