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Pele’s profile picture and mockery of his drug addiction: Maradona’s account was hacked unjustly



“10”‘s Facebook account has been defaced with offensive messages, and his family has announced action against those responsible.

Despite his passing on November 25, 2021, Diego Maradona He is a man who continues to make many statements around the world, but this time it is for the following reasons. Rude hack he received on social networks His children will take care of him after his death.

The ’10’ Facebook account used to honor one of the greatest footballers of all time has changed to: Massive offensive messages ridiculing the late former player’s drug addiction and photos of the late Pele considered by fans to be his loyal rival in the sport.

Despite finding no solution to this cyberattack, the ‘Cosmic Kite’ tribute space has become a place of hatred and admiration for ‘O Rei’, to the point where his profile picture displays the following message: rice field. “My Greatest Idol” (Spanish for “my great idol”).

Captcha | Diego Maradona's Facebook
Captcha | Diego Maradona’s Facebook

However, the hackers were not only pleased with Diego’s intervention on the page profile, but also highlighted the differences between the Argentinian and Brazilian legends, asserting in a photo published on the account: “We are pleased to inform you that all accounts of Second Soccer King have already been restored.” .

An ironic publication that has caused no laughter on the other side of the mountain.

Captcha | Diego Maradona's Facebook
Captcha | Diego Maradona’s Facebook

In endless messages and nonsensical posts written in Portuguese, those responsible for the cyberattacks continually ridiculed the drug addiction of the Argentina national team captain at the 1986 Mexico World Cup, saying: We launched a campaign using hashtags such as: “Maladroga” .

Captcha | Diego Maradona's Facebook
Captcha | Diego Maradona’s Facebook

Maradona’s children lament the situation, condemn the cowardly attack on social networks by hackers and take all necessary measures through one of the Instagrams dedicated to the figure of the football icon of the world beyond the Andes. I warned you.

“We regret to inform you that our father’s official Facebook account has been subjected to a cyberattack. We are working to undo this hack as soon as possible. We apologize for the content of.” said in a publication.

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