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Union Espanola clears Andres Iniesta’s ‘smoke’ against Chilean football: ‘Ridiculous’



Union Espanola general manager Cristian Rodriguez has categorically denied rumors that Andres Iniesta could join the Hispanic squad in an interview with BioBioChile.

This morning, the gathering of information on Andrés Iniesta’s transfer to Union Espanola caused ripples.

And it’s the 2010 world champion, whose contract with the Spanish national team has expired. Vissel Kobe He is sure he wants to continue playing football.

in Chilean land, The ‘Hispanic’ team seemed like a possible destination for the legendary Spanish player This rumor was quickly denied.

Union Espanola general manager Cristian Rodriguez interviewed BioBioChile to clarify the situation and, above all, to show his outrage over it.

“Things must be said in their name, It’s more a lie than a rumor.Spend time denying the people and media that make this absurd , Meaningless. We have no information and this news has no basis,” he said.

Andrés Iniesta’s possibility of coming to Chilean football was declared by the media journalist.

In support of this claim, the said media outlet also said that “the operation will have image benefits for the Chilean club and its sponsors.” Especially overseas, the Sek brand, which exists in Chile, Ecuador and Spain, is attracting attention. ”.

As a result of this provision, Christian Rodriguez assured:No one in the Spanish Union has time to comment on lies. If I had to explain it, I think it would have to stop because we are promoting normalized practices. . That’s a lie, so I don’t know if anyone gets anything from it. “

Similarly, the Barrio Independencia team leader referred to the following statement: Victor Mendes the commenter “You should pay me the $250 they owe me.” in connection with the debts that the institution maintains with him.

“I don’t know what he was referring to, but I’m not going to comment on that. We have a lot of respect for our players. ” concluded the EU General Manager.

Source: Biobiochile

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