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Bravo abandons place to continue career, contemplates Chilean football’s decline: ‘We’ve taken a big step back’



Claudio Bravo spoke with Bio Bio to discuss the current state of football and the national sport and to confirm where he will play next season.

Claudio Bravo The Spanish La Roja and Real Betis goalkeepers have revealed that their future is already decided for next season.

in an interview with bio bio radio The two-time USA champion captain has confirmed he will be with the Andalusian side, who are currently sixth in La Liga, for “at least one more year”.

“We’ve been talking about it since we signed the contract extension last year. I have completed a certain number of matches, so I am motivated to compete at this level and at my age. ” the goalie declared.

Similarly, when asked about a possible return to CoroCoro, Bravo said: “The illusion and love for CoroCoro are mutual. I’ve grown up and know what it means to be there, but I always say it’s not just up to me. The need to generate space.” and I can’t continue my career where I am.”

“Furthermore, I have always opened my heart to any Chilean team, not just ColoColo.” . That’s my job, it’s my profession and it’s a characteristic of myself that I want to do well wherever I am,” added the Real Betis goalkeeper.

The La Roja goalkeeper also spoke about his personal present, which, in his words, was a decisive factor in determining his continuation in Spanish football.

“I have reached a stage where I have achieved countless challenges, dreams and tasks in my life. I am more focused on enjoying my life and feel blessed.that gave me a long career : It was not a short trip, but a long trip out of the country, because I knew how to capitalize on opportunities,” emphasized Claudio Bravo.

Claudio Bravo and his opinion on Chilean football today

The goalkeeper also took time to talk about the current state of Chilean football, both at national team level and in regional championships.

“It’s not easy to talk from a distance, and there are many things we don’t know. But I think there’s a big drop in every sense, a setback in many aspects of football and sport in general.” highlighted bravo.

“We have taken a big step back compared to what has been done so far. How many players are there in the strong European leagues? We are right about that. There are things, but it’s not just the players or the manager, it’s everyone’s problem,” added the Real Betis goalkeeper.

Finally, Bravo noted the possibility of La Roja qualifying for the 2026 North American World Cup despite hosting national football.

“The illusion should never be lost, it should always be there. It doesn’t matter where the players are, the level of the league. . But it comes with a close relationship of dedication and perseverance that must always be reflected. With such good work and tools, we can take Chile to the top,” declared the Chilean goalkeeper.

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Source: Biobiochile

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