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Sergio Hadue’s mother fired for misappropriating 100 million pesos



Sergio Hadue’s mother was fired in a misappropriation case accused of keeping more than 100 million pesos for a property sale.

Gloria Jadue former president’s mother. ANFP, Sergio Hadue was conclusively dismissed on charges of embezzlement by the Viña del Mar Guarantee Court.

It is worth noting that the woman was accused of the following crimes: Maria Agnes Facuse a former partner of a former football coach, for holding more than 100 million pesos in Concon real estate sale .

“The resolution of appeal dated 17th 2023 issued by the Court of Guarantees of Viña del Mar was revoked and instead declared that Ms Gloria Elisabeth Jadue Hadue was dismissed in full and conclusively in this case. ,” decided the judiciary. . .

Here it is, Extradition proceedings against mothers of former ANFP trustees void could continue to live in Miami.

“This unanimous and strong decision by the Valparaiso Court of Appeals confirms what we have always maintained that Madame Gloria Hadue is completely innocent of the charges brought against her.” he said. Marcelo Hadwa Issa to La Radio, the lawyer of Sergio Hadue’s mother.

“Considering the fact that a final dismissal has been decided with respect to our client, it is now appropriate for the pending extradition claim to be cancelled,” the attorney added.

Source: Biobiochile

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