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“For the Family”: Cereceda’s Emotional and Powerful Speech Before Audax’s Victory over Santos



Audax Italiano captain Roberto Cereseda has spoken emotionally to his teammates ahead of an important Copa Sudamericana clash with Brazil’s Santos.

Italian Audax revealed in the last few hours video A game in which the Colony team won against Brazil’s Santos in the group stage. South America Cup 2023prominent place emotional and powerful harang Experienced Roberto Cereseda player.

with the knowledge that the importance of mourning Talking about the Italian’s future in the continental competition, the captain and one of the leaders of the Florida team told his teammates in the locker room. deep speech .

“As I said the other day, how much i loved them , then we laugh and shit ourselves. But that feeling is felt by all of us. Today, people are beginning to think that they will be able to send out again,” he began.

“I want to tell you that he called me recently.” my cousin does drugs He was my age and was better than me with the ball. He was on the street and he called me “shit”. he was dying .he saidBrother, play for me today, play for your team today “”,Plugin.

Then “Electricity” showed: “…and I said to him, Brother I play for you and I play for my family Because each one plays for you, play for family And play for those you currently support. Audax Italiano’s most important matches , is the most important match in my life, your life, and the life of each of us. ”

a message saying applauded It had the expected effect at Rancagua’s El Teniente Stadium.

Brace attached forward from the center Gonzalo Sosa surpassed Audax 2-1 Went to “Peixe” and boarded in the qualifying zone Onward to the next round of the Copa Sudamericana.

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