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‘To discriminate is not to be a spectator’: Audax announces tough investigation after Santos accusation of racism



The Brazilian team announced through its sports manager that its players were victims of racist acts at El Teniente de Rancagua. In this regard, Audax Italiano strongly condemned the alleged incident and announced that it would launch an investigation to find out who may have been involved.

Audax Italiano and Santos were caught in the mix in a historic victory for Chile. Questionable and unfortunate episodes of racism During the Copa Libertadores match.

According to Santos, his players Angelo and Joaquin received racist insults By an Italian fan in the stands at El Teniente de Langua stadium. In light of this fact, the Brazilian team decided to condemn the situation and demand an investigation into the incident.

Affected by unfortunate events, Audax Italiano responded harshly expressed support for Santos from Brazil. Through an official statement, the Chilean club strongly condemned any kind of racist act and announced an investigation in this regard.

We are compiling all background information to verify its veracity and find possible culprits. (…) Audax Italiano categorically rejects any kind of racist conduct outside and in all football matches,” said the Chilean body.

Throughout our history, we have never been involved in racist acts of any kind (…) and today and always, we reject discrimination, violence, or any act that harms the integrity of people. .to discriminate is not to listen ‘, concluded the letter published by Audax Italiano.

Finally, further information is expected regarding the alleged racist act. Ruined Audax Italiano’s victory over Santos at the Copa Libertadores.

Source: Biobiochile

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